Register Admin Account for Foreign Entity
This registration is for foreign entities not registered in Singapore. Ensure that you are the appointed Corppass Admin for your entity. This form will take about 10 minutes to complete.
Supporting documents required:
  1. Business Registration Document
  2. Identity Documents
  • Ensure that the information provided is consistent with the documents submitted.
  • If the Business Registration Document does not contain the entity's registered address, please provide official proof of address, e.g. document showing latest billing address.
  • Where supporting documents are not in English, the original document must be submitted together with a translated copy of the document in English that has been certified by the embassy of the country that issued the document, or notarised by a notary public in Singapore or in the country that issued the document.
  • Upload your documents in PDF, JPEG, and PNG format. The combined size of the uploaded files should not exceed 10MB.
  • If there are any changes in your Foreign ID and Country of Issuance, please update them via the Corppass portal before uploading your new identity documents during this registration.
Your Corppass Admin account will take 5 to 10 working days to be processed.

* - denotes mandatory fields
Enter Foreign Entity Details
Example: 20/12/2016
The document must indicate:
  • Entity Registration No.
  • Entity Name
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Country of Incorporation
  • Registered Address
  • Office Contact No.
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Enter Your Contact Details
As per Identity Documents
Foreign ID should have at least 6 months validity Example: 20/12/2030
The document must indicate:
  • Your Full Name
  • Foreign ID No.
  • Country of Issuance (e.g. Passport, Driver's Licence)
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Request e-Service Access
I would like to access all e-Services available on Corppass with my Admin Account.
Note: The 'Access to All e-Services' option is NOT applicable to selected e-Services such as CPF e-Submission and SSG-WSG E-Services (see full listing), as they require additional details to be set up on Corppass. To gain access, select and manually assign them to your Corppass account.
Additional checks may also be conducted by selected e-Services, such as MOM EPOL/WPOL and HDB e-Services (see full listing), after logging into their websites. Contact these agencies for more information.
Note: Please do not click 'BACK' or 'REFRESH' on the browser as it may end your transaction.